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Sculpture Pin Curler Box Set




The Amazing


Pin curling has never been so fun!

If you are looking for a easy way to master vintage hairstyling, then here's how you can easily produce those authentic pin curls. Without fuss!

Are you a vintage hair styling enthusiast? Always lusted those nice curls and rolls of glamorous old Hollywood stars? Are you not feeling confident and not good enough to do it yourself? Tried and failed to do vintage hair many times? Can't find a hairdresser who cares? Found a vintage hair setting pattern you'd love to try, but feel overwhelmed by the complicated pin curl patterns? Do you find that by the time you pin-curled the whole head your wrist is so sore you can't lift it?

Are you a hairdresser who find pin-curling for clients extremely time and effort consuming? Would you like to cut down putting up time and make more profit?

No worries.


Sculpture pin curler is designed for both hair-styling dummies and seasoned hair professionals!

All you have to do is roll your hair with the sculpture pin curler and pin it to the scalp. IT'S THAT EASY.

Time saving and convenient to do any time. Make superb pin curls whilst cutting up to 95% putting up time.

Simple, easy and practical solution to your vintage hair curling problem.

Even makes rolls!

Super Quick and easy!

The Sculpture Pin Curler: 

  • Set your hair as you comb
  • Only one needed to do all the work
  • SO EASY to make authentic springy, long-lasting pin curls and rolls QUICKLY
  • No Hairdressing experience needed
  • Those perfect pin curls can be combed into waves or hairstyles you never thought possible at home
  • Wide end for large curls and smaller end for ringlets.
Why purchase The Sculpture Curler:
  • Made of Durable Plastic
  • Makes soft curls
  • Makes ringlets
  • Makes rolls
  • Makes pin curls
  • Makes standing curls
  • Make sure curls are uniform
  • Make sure curls are tight
  • Eliminates Frizz
  • Most of all, it makes authentically vintage and long lasting curls!
  • Curls Coarse or Fine Hair
  • Curls long and short hair
  • Curls those hard to reach Back Hair
  • One curler does all the work
  • Easy to manage and arrange
  • Significantly cuts “putting up time” for super efficiency
  • Saves lots of time!effort! And expense!
  • Handy purse size, curl and tidy your hair anywhere!
  • Super easy to use ends all frustration and bother!
  • Does away with chemicals
  • Does away with heat
  • Does away with uncomfortable overnight curlers
  • Designed by a hairstylist
  • All you have to do is roll and pin!
  • Comes with Step by step instructions and diagrams, a fabulous pink box with a window! plus much more....
How to use:
  1. Separate a lock of hair, slip the curler-comb end of the pin curler into the hair at scalp and comb through to the VERY ENDS OF THE HAIR
  2. Roll the lock of hair on curler all the way back to the head. Also see specific instructions for doing under curls and up curls.
  3. Turn curler up on end, give a tightening turn and remove: Pin curl in place flat to head.
Bonus booklet:
  • Hair care information for dry and oily hair
  • How to make Up Curls  ( pin curls rolled up away from the face for creating those upswept formal hairstyles )
  • How to make Under Curls ( pin curls rolled under towards the face, used to create “ Page Boy” and those long bob hairstyles )
  • How to make sculpture pin curl
  • Tips for long-lasting curls
  • Tips for parting head for hairstyling
  • Setting and styling instructions for 4 fabulous 1940s hairstyles

To get a professional hairdresser to do and set a whole head of pin curls for you will cost you at least 100 dollars a pop. If they set your hair even just once a month that would be 100 x 12 = 1200 a year! And most of them have no idea how to do authentic vintage anyway. To pin curl your own head will take you at least a couple of hours and a lot of effort. Why not try doing it with the Sculpture Pin Curler. Save money and get the results you want.

One time investment for many years of fabulous vintage hairstyles.

Comes with bonus detailed hairstyling information booklet.

Packaged in a collectable Fabulous Retro Pink Box. It's even got a window! 


You are fully protected by our iron clad 100%  Money Back Guarantee.

YOU RISK NOTHING. No questions asked if you return the product.  Return postage will be paid by us. AND you can keep the 2 bonus posters.

You have 6 FULL MONTHS after purchase to return the product. That's plenty of time to use the product.

You will find it life-changing for making and setting those tedious pincurls!


Product will be shipped from Sydney, Australia. 

Buyer responsible for checking and paying all custom duties, import fees and related costs relevant to their country. These costs and fees Might NOT be included in the purchase price nor shipping cost depending on your country. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you do not want to be responsible for those costs please do not purchase. If buyer makes a purchase transaction it automatically implies you agree to cover those fees, duties and costs.

  • Model: with box and bonus posters


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