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I am a huge fan of the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Those eras had the most glamorous Hollywood stars with the most fabulous vintage hairstyles. I am particularly fond of the classy 1940s, when the hair lengths were longer and therefore you can do quite a few things with it. Whereas the 20s and 30s were all about the bob, and 50s hair was mainly short as well.

I first got interested in vintage hairstyles whilst watching the 1946 movie Gilda.

Rita Hayworth had a head of fabulous waves with side parting. The best scene was where Johnny Farrell (Glenn Ford) meets Gilda (Rita Hayworth) for the first time in her bedroom. Ballin (Johnny's boss) introduces him and Gilda threw back her head of fabulous to-die-for curls. You can see the scene here

I then researched intensively for vintage hairstyling, beauty and culture information on the internet and also offline as well. There were very little information at the time and not at all very helpful. I even went to a modern hairdresser with a picture and ended up with a smooth straight blow dry as the hairdresser had no idea and used rollers that were several sizes too big. Vintage Hair is hard to do!

But I was determined. After endless practices and failures, and numerous Afros, I am here to share the knowledge and provide useful vintage hairstyling tools to help you achieve the looks a lot more easily!

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