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Ten Steps to Successcul Vintage Hair Wet-Set

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Ten Steps to Successful Vintage Wet Set



 I have distilled the wet hair setting process into these 10 simple steps.


  1. Towel dry clean, shampooed hair.

  2. Comb hair to remove tangles.

  3. Apply and comb setting lotion through hair.

  4. Part hair neatly with rat-tail comb and section into appropriate areas. Use pins or sectioning clips to keep hair section you aren't working on out of the way.

  5. Carefully partition a hair section for rolling.

  6. Roll hair carefully according to the hair-setting pattern. Pay attention to the parts, placement and direction of curl. Note whether it's standing or flat, whether you should be using rollers or pincurls. Take time and care to set hair result in better hairdos.

  7. Make sure curls are completely dry before removing clips and rollers. Use hairdryer to speed up process.

  8. If there are any loose curls, you can quickly touch up with curling iron or hotsticks.

  9. Comb hair into desired lines. Brush out curls into soft fluffy waves.

  10. Hairspray over and under to hold.





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