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Right and Wrong Way to Hold Hair Brush When Brushing out Vintage Curls

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Right and Wrong Angle to Brush out Vintage Curls



Brushing out once curls are set is half the battle of vintage hairstyling. It provides the finishing touch and shape to your hairdo.

 The angle you hold the brush determines how neatly and easily the curls fall in line.

Here is a neat tip from Comer and Doran to get smoother curls and reduce brushing out time!


Wrong Way


You can see here the bristles are rolling out away from head, as you brush from front to back.


This pulls the hair away from head, resulting in Loose uncontrolled fuzzy curls. The end curls are often not penetrated and brushed out properly, adding more frizz and mess.


Therefore you will have to spend more time, and brush harder to get the curls to fall in line.




Right Way


The bristles here are turning into the head as the brush moves from front to back. You can see the brush is flat against the head, rolling slightly with the back of the brush leaning away from face.


This ensures the bristles brush all the way to the ends, resulting in a smoother curls.


Curls are more controlled and sculpted. The finish will be much easier and smoother. And so less time and effort spend on brushing!




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