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How to use roller to set 60s vintage hair styles

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How to use Roller to set Vintage 60s Hair styles


1960s hair styles is all about smooth hair rolling, to get that fabulous big bouffant hairstyle! Good roller setting technique is crucial to success. As with almost all vintage hair setting, it really pays to carefully follow setting patterns, and be neat and tidy. So waves fall exactly where they should.


Before Rolling:


  1. Shampoo, towel dry, and comb hair until smooth.

  2. Apply setting lotion and comb through.

  3. Part hair section for rolling.


How to Roll:


  1. Take no more hair than the width of roller can comfortably hold.

  2. Comb through section smoothly. Hold it out straight at an opposite angle to rolling.

  3. Use end-paper to wrap the ends if necessary.

  4. Wind carefully, smoothly and evenly towards the scalp.

  5. Whilst winding, you can tuck stray ends in with rat tail comb.

  6. Also whilst rolling, you can use comb to brush smooth if needed.

  7. Roll all the way to the scalp and secure with clip or hair pick.

  8. You can clip 2 parallel hair rollers together to keep them firmly, and neatly aligned.




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