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How to Use Endpapers for rolling vintage hair

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Vintage hairstyles involve a lot of hair rolling. If your hair has uneven ends (also known as layers), it is very annoying when you are trying to roll up hair. The ends keep falling out!

This is when end-papers come to the rescue!

End papers are rectangular hairdressing papers to keep hair ends neat and even, thus prevent them from slipping out when rolling. You can also put end papers under sectioning clips to avoid crimping.


How to Use End-Papers:


1. Fold end paper in half.

2. Place paper around end of hair strand.

3. Place roller against the ends and roll towards the scalp.

End papers in general are very cheap, you can get a big box for only a few dollars from hairdressing supply stores.

Some people use toilet paper or tissue papers instead, I don't reccomend this because they get mushy when in contact with damp hair.

If hair is thick, you may want to use 2 end papers per roller. Instead of folding in half, use one on each side to make sure all ends are covered.


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