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How To Make Basic vintage 1940s fluff and forward Hair Bangs

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How to make basic vintage 1940s hair Bangs using pin curls


If you are new to vintage hair styling. Rather than jumping straight into those complex setting patterns. Hair bangs are a great place to start.


Admittedly you can “cheat” with say using curlers or curling tongs. But I think it's worthwhile and important to try to do it the old fashioned 1940s way. Just to practise and give you an idea how the hair curls. It may take a little more time, but you will find the pin curled bangs are much more authentic, and last much longer too!


Most of all, it gives you the foundation and confidence to do those more complicated bangs, rolls and waves later on, that just aren't possible without pin curls.


 Here are some basic hair bangs for you to practise.


The clean sectioning of the hair is crucial to pin curl success. Uniformity in amount of hair is ensured. Hair is divided into squares exactly according to the diagram. Parting lines are highlighted in RED.


1. Part off a square section:



 2. In this setting pattern pin curls are all in one direction and are uniform size.


3. Section off square to make the first pin curl.


4. Section off the second square, make another pin curl.
5. Keep going until all finished.
Fluff Bangs
- Fluff out by running comb through curls. If hair is long, you will need to pin the curls in place to make the fluff stay close to the scalp.
Forward Roll Bangs
-Brush all the curls forward together, fang the ends under. Curved half moon shape  is most flattering. For volume, backcomb or wrap hair over a hair rat foundation.


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