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how to part your hair for dye/coloring without missing any back area

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Vintage hair enthusiasts often do their own hair dyeing. And why not. It saves a lot money and is fun to do.


Most of us are pretty good at colouring the front section, because we can see what we are doing. The problem is when you DIY the back section, you can't see it properly and there's nobody to help you. So you might end up missing a few spots, or not using enough colour, resulting in unevenness.


Here is a diagram from “Clairol's how to do better hair coloring”. I find this very helpful to make sure the back is not under-colored.


Part hair into 4 equal sections. You can hold hair by clips or hair tie. I find those big hair sectioning clips are easier for this.


The partings for color application, is like a series of horizontal parallel lines coming out from the centre. Illustrated by the white circular lines.


First part and pick up strand of hair at the top with your free hand. Hold hair away from the head to expose roots. Place nozzle point over the new growth and apply horizontally. Liberally apply colour over the entire strand. Then start the next parallel parting underneath and repeat.





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