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How to comb out a vintage curl set

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The Vintage Comb Out



After pincurling, rolling and setting hair, it's time to comb out those soft fluffy vintage curls! The comb-out process is very important as it is the final step that determines the shape of your hairdo.


These tips are essential for a good comb-out:


Only comb dry hair. Make sure hair is COMPLETELY DRY. DO NOT comb out wet/damp hair, doing so damages hair shaft and precious curls will droop and loose shape! Combing out damp hair and hope for the best has NEVER worked out for me. If you are short for time, use a hair dryer. Or pin curl or roll hair into an updo. Only released the curls when they are dry, you have been warned!


Use a brush to comb out curls. DO NOT USE A COMB unless it's for giving a flick, or to arrange or deepen waves. Cheap plastic combs especially tend to create static. Also combs' teeth tend to separate hair into those nasty string-looking curls like this Christina Aguilera picture. Not vintage! you want hair to come together in into a fluffy continuous wave like Rita Hayworth.


Christina with her nasty stringy looking curls

Rita with her soft pleasing fluffy vintage waves


Keep brushing. When you first take out a setting it can look very curly and even afro. It takes a while for hair to be brushed into smooth waves. As you brush more, hair will fall in line. Brushing may seem to disturb the set temporarily, but will not affect the strength of the curl if the setting is sound.


Use backcombing. It blends hair together nicely, help shape hairdo into smooth lines, and also add height, "pouf" and volume! Back combing is basically holding hair up and out from scalp, comb underneath layers toward scalp with ruffing motion, then carefully smooth top layer over. There are numerous videos on youtube that shows you clearly how to do this.


Handle hair gently - Excessive brushing with alot of force can make hair lose shape and curl, and cause damage! Light brushing motions are the best.


Use a light, brushable, strong holding hairspray. This way you can touch up repeatedly without holding hair down. Good hairspray give hold, flexibility, resist humidity and are brushable even with repeated sprays. I use Sebastian Reshaper. I'm sure there are many others that are just as good, just ask your hairdresser or local hairdressing supply store. It's wise to pay more money for a good hairspray. Cheap hairsprays make curls too stiff, and are often very drying. Curls lose that swing movement. When you brush repeated into stiff curls it's very bad for hair.





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