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How to get Katy Perry's 50s vintage hair style using a GHD

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Dave LaChappelle shot this great Ad campaign for GHD Hair Straightener/Curler starring Katy Perry. The idea is you can use the GHD for 40s and 50s vintage hair curling.

My personal experience with GHD, it is extremely difficult to get authentic vintage hair styles with this device. Because whilst the GHD is great for flat straight hair, its big diameter means your curls won’t be tight enough. So when you brush it’s more straight/wavy instead of the authentic pincurl set effect.

If you are after a modern styling tool for curling, it is much easier to use hotsticks or curling tongs.

I wonder if anybody has bought a GHD to try and get Katy’s 50s hairstyle?


These are GHD’s instructions for getting Katy’s 50s glamour hair:

1. Create a deep-side part using the ghd Tail Comb and take a horizontal section starting at the front of your head.

2. Place the ghd Gold Classic styler at the root of the hair and rotate it at 180 degrees, elevating upwards to create maximum lift. Glide the styler to the ends to fashion a curl.

3. For a stronger, longer lasting curl, roll each section back to the roots and secure with a bobby pin. Repeat until the entire head is curled.

4. Allow the hair to cool for 5-10 minutes. Release the bobby pins, allowing the hair to fall naturally and run your fingers through from root to ends. Spritz with hairspray for extra hold.


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