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How to make Basic 1940s Reverse Side Rolls using Pin Curls

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  How to make a Basic Reverse Side Roll using pin curls   Reverse side rolls are commonly found in updo vintage hairstyles. They keep front side section away from the face. Pin curls are all about making curls from block sections of hair.   In the… more »

How To Make Basic vintage 1940s fluff and forward Hair Bangs

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  How to make basic vintage 1940s hair Bangs using pin curls   If you are new to vintage hair styling. Rather than jumping straight into those complex setting patterns. Hair bangs are a great place to start.   Admittedly you can “cheat” with say u… more »

Right and Wrong Way to Hold Hair Brush When Brushing out Vintage Curls

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  Right and Wrong Angle to Brush out Vintage Curls     Brushing out once curls are set is half the battle of vintage hairstyling. It provides the finishing touch and shape to your hairdo.   The angle you hold the brush determines how neatly and e… more »

How to use roller to set 60s vintage hair styles

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  How to use Roller to set 60s hair styles   1960s hair styles is all about smooth hair rolling, to get that fabulous big bouffant hairstyle! Good roller setting technique is crucial to success. As with almost all vintage hair setting, it really pays… more »

Ten Steps to Successcul Vintage Hair Wet-Set

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Ten Commandments of Vintage Hair Setting Start with clean, healthy hair, freshly shampooed to gleam, glisten and glow. Towel-pat excess water, but don't dry. After shampooing, remove tangles by brushing and comb hair in direction of… more »

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