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A Simple chic vintage 1940s updo that anyone can do, no hair setting required!

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A Simple chic vintage 1940s updo that anyone can do, no hair setting required!




Milan Fashion Week AW 2011 - Antonio Marras

Hair Stylist - Eugene Souleiman


This 40s hairstyle is so simple and quick.

It's a nice youthful take on the 1940s updo. You won't look like a grandmother!



1. Make a side part, roll the smaller front section into an upward roll and pin.

2. Brush rest of the hair to the back

3. Reverse french twist this back hair into the nape of the neck. 

4. Keep twisting and turn the hair back inside towards itself, in the opposite direction.

5. Push the hair tightly against the scalp, secure with pins horizontally.

6. Add vertical pins to make a cross, so hair does not come loose.

It's interesting how he uses a pair of chopsticks to make the roll!






Comment from: snorky [Visitor]
snorkySo so many of you people do not know a thing about '40's-50's hair styles. First of all there were no rollers until the late '50's. And the curling irons were far far different than what curling irons are today. They were very skinny and were placed on a hot stove before using.
And I guess you also probably never heard of the "Marcel" either which came from the '30's.
It's really becoming really sad to see how things have evolved so erroneously and also misinforming others as well.
Does anyone have any idea who invented the"rippled" bobby pin?
If your going to give any info, please do some research.
12/11/11 @ 08:29
Comment from: admin [Member] Email
adminI think you need to relax. most of us were not even born back in the 30s or 40s. We are trying to do the best we can. I can't seem to find much information apart from the old books and magazines. There aren't very many websites on this. Do you know any good sources? If you think you have more accurate information we welcome you to correct us where we are wrong, and add to the information.
01/10/12 @ 22:13
Comment from: MissVee [Visitor]
MissVeeThanks so much for posting the video and instructions for this classic look! I can't wait to try it out~!!! :)
12/30/12 @ 09:18

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