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2 types of sculptured pin curls in vintage hair and their functions

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2 types of sculpture pin curls and their functions



There are 2 types of sculpture pin curls.


 You can have pin curls flat against the scalp. Or you pin curls standing up, also known as Barrel curls.


They are often combined to achieve all sorts of wonderful vintage hairstyles.


Flat Sculpture Pin Curls



This type of curl can be rolled in 2 opposite directions. Clockwise and Anti-clockwise.

You can make alternate rolls of flat pin curls going in different directions, comb them out into sculptured waves.

Or you can have them all going in one direction to make neat rolls and page boy hair styles!


Stand up Sculpture pin curls




-Curl is held standing up from the scalp with a bobby pin or clip. They add volume and height to hair, therefore they are commonly found on top of head to add lift and make fluffy bangs and rolls. and for making. They can also be rolled in 2 different directions.  



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